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Your voice counts

Hi food lovers,
I am currently doing a research project on food related web sites and on line communities such as lifejournal for my dissertation. I am urgently searching for web site users and community participants that enable me to undertake my research. As you are all members of an food related on line community, I wondered if some of you may want to express their opinion and want to take part in this survey? It would be great if you had 3-5 minutes to fill in the questionnaire using following link:

The results of this study will be analyzed only at an aggregate level and the identity of individual participants will be kept in strict confidence. The easiest way to send it back is via a desktop email application such as Outlook or Lotus Notes as you only have to click the "submit by email" button at the end of the form for the content of the questionnaire to be attached and send. If you use web mail, please also click "submit by email", and then "save data file" and manually attach the file to an email sent to my address.

It's your turn! Your assistance will be strongly appreciated!!! Thanks a million in advance!


PS: If you use an Adobe Reader older than version 7.0, you might experience problems ticking certain boxes. In this case you can down load the latest version at the official adobe web site:
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